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News | Solomon Islands environmental defender faces life sentence for arson charge | Fires turn sage brush habitat in Washington into a scorched ‘oblivion’ | Rieli Franciscato died protecting isolated indigenous peoples in the Amazon (commentary) | In Peru, self-reporting of oil spills by companies leaves an unknown toll | ‘Off the chart’: CO2 from California fires dwarf state’s fossil fuel emissions | Madagascar reopens national parks shuttered by COVID-19 | In Brazil’s Pantanal, a desperate struggle to save a hyacinth macaw refuge from fire | Missing mangroves are root of contention over Philippine airport project | New artificial intelligence could save both elephant and human lives | Beyond tourism: A call for business ideas that protect African wildlife, ecosystems | BlackRock, other asset managers enabling deforestation, says Friends of the Earth | How Morgan Stanley is linked to deforestation in the Amazon | Podcast: Great ape ‘forest gardeners of Africa’ benefit from conservation victory | We are failing to save the planet’s species, finds UN report | Indonesian lobster exporters, advised by a smuggler, flout domestic requirements | Birthday party on ship may have led to oil spill in Mauritius, Panama regulator says | In Brazil’s Bahia, peasant farmers and cowboys keep the Cerrado alive | Game changer: NASA data tool could revolutionize Amazon fire analysis | 500 years of species loss: Humans drive defaunation across Neotropics | Bolivia’s jaguar seizures down as suspicions rise over new mafia | Are red pandas related to panda bears? Candid Animal Cam meets the furry red creature | Stolen from the wild, rare reptiles and amphibians are freely traded in EU | Biologists warn ‘extinction denial’ is the latest anti-science conspiracy theory | Can public lands unify divided Americans? An interview with John Leshy | Poaching pressure mounts on jaguars, the Americas’ iconic big cat | Manila’s new white sand coast is a threat to marine life, groups say | The view from above: How do we know what’s really burning in the Amazon? | Rise in Amazon deforestation slows in August, but fires surge | Oil palm plantations in Sumatran watershed worsen flooding in communities | Amazon meatpacking plants, a COVID-19 hotspot, may be ground zero for next pandemic | Threatened species caught in crossfire of ongoing land conflict in Myanmar | For European chemical giants, Brazil is an open market for toxic pesticides banned at home | Crisis in Venezuela: Non-governmental organizations adapt to survive | The best news of 2020? Humanity may never hit the 10 billion mark | Howling in the dark: Shining a light on a newly remembered wolf | Latin America has twice the plant life of Africa, SE Asia | Global wildlife being decimated by human actions, WWF report warns | BlackRock silent on livestock in latest global warming policy | Why the health of the Amazon River matters to us all: An interview with Michael Goulding | In Indonesia’s coastal villages, the plastic crisis is both homegrown and invasive | In bid to protect a Philippine pangolin stronghold, little talk of enforcement | No, ‘regenerative ranching’ is not good for grassland birds (commentary) | In search of the ‘forest ghost,’ South America’s cryptic giant armadillo | Experts question integrity of Indonesia’s claim of avoided deforestation | How do Southern sea otters use tools? Candid Animal Cam heads to the ocean | How do we avert global warming, extinctions and pandemics? New app has answers | Around the world, a fire crisis flares up, fueled by human actions | ‘Tamper with nature, and everyone suffers’: Q&A with ecologist Enric Sala | New paper highlights spread of organized crime from global fisheries | Research behind award-winning documentary film reveals new species | Filling the vacuum: How civil society is battling COVID-19 in Cameroon (commentary) | Mercury from gold mining contaminates Amazon communities’ staple fish | $154b in capital has gone to 300 forest-risk companies since the Paris Agreement | Europe’s richest countries importing Brazilian beef linked to millions of tons of emissions: Report | Philippine wildlife reporting app promises to upgrade fight against trafficking | Survival of Indigenous communities at risk as Amazon fire season advances | Podcast: In the Amazon, women are key to forest conservation | Just half of major timber and pulp suppliers committed to zero deforestation: Report | Madagascar introduces stoves that burn rice husks instead of forests | Infrastructure plans imperil Latin America’s forests: Analysis | State neglect means Indigenous Papuans’ victory over palm oil firm is shaky | Coronavirus caused by ‘unbalancing’ of nature: Q&A with Indigenous leader Levi Sucre Romero | Greenpeace photos illuminate illegal Amazon fires | For Brazil’s most trafficked parrot, the poaching is relentless | Friday night follies: Brazil cuts deforestation funding, then restores it | Mauritians take to the street over oil spill and dolphin and whale deaths | Discovery of threatened species drives bid to protect Vietnam forest | Paper giant APP linked to Indonesia peat clearing despite sustainability vow | Madagascar giant frog is a new species, but also a deep-fried delicacy | What is a kinkajou? Candid Animal Cam meets the animal that is neither a bear nor an ape | Under cover of COVID-19, loggers plunder Cambodian wildlife sanctuary | Fishing for change: Local management of Amazon’s largest fish also empowers women | Are forests the new coal? Global alarm sounds as biomass burning surges | Ex-Wall Street ‘quant’ wields data to replant charred Madagascar rainforests | Communities, conservation, and development in the age of COVID: Time for rethinking approaches (commentary) | Officials quash plan, for now, to develop Philippines’ biggest copper mine | Despite expanding fires, Brazil suspends operations to combat Amazon deforestation | Back from the brink, baby Burmese roofed turtles make their debut | A mysterious heart bone in chimps points to cardiac disease | Indonesian fishers opposed to dredging project hit by ‘criminalization’ bid | Park rangers, the guardians of Ecuador’s biodiversity, face job insecurity | The other Corona: Rescued pangolin is a rehabilitation success story | Brazil green recovery plan could boost economy, add jobs, cut emissions: Report | Protecting African wildlife: A defense of conservation territories (commentary) | Latin America unites to fight global inequalities in new regional pact | Lockdown should have cleared up Jakarta’s air. Coal plants kept it dirty | 481 and counting: Norway’s whaling catch hits four-year high | Fight rages on to save centuries-old giant Philippine rosewood tree | Bleak milestone: 500 major fires detected in Brazilian Amazon this year | In Cambodia, a sweeping new environment code languishes in legal limbo | ‘It’s taking away our wise men’: COVID-19 hits Peru’s Indigenous people hard | Belize takes ocean action with expanded marine reserve and ban on gill nets | Study revealing New Guinea’s plant life ‘first step’ toward protection | Company investigated for timber trafficking gets stimulus from Peru government | Sri Lankan conservation law and the framework for ethical science research (Commentary) | Spying on fear in the wild: Q&A with ecologist Meredith Palmer | Is an African wild dog actually a dog? Candid Animal Cam meets the rare canid | Philippine crickets, held nameless in a Hawaii museum, are finally identified | Key Amazon grain route blocked by Indigenous protest over funding, Grainrail | Rescuing Achilles: Southern pig-tailed macaques listed as endangered but still persecuted (commentary) | Indonesia bill weakening environmental safeguards to pass in October | For South America’s wilderness areas, COVID-19 brings risk and respite | Captive breeding helps New Zealand’s threatened black stilts take flight | Sharks nearby? A bottle of seawater can hold the answer, study says | Amazon ‘women warriors’ show gender equality, forest conservation go hand in hand | Can we predict where Amazon fires will occur? And to what end? | Mauritius’s plan to dump part of wrecked ship sparks controversy | Forest fires set by poachers threaten a refuge of the Sumatran rhino | New road cutting into Manu Biosphere Reserve in Peruvian Amazon sparks debate, fears and a film | Rangers protecting Philippine tamaraws go hungry as pandemic bites | Madagascar minister calls protected areas a ‘failure,’ seeks people-centric approach | With its mining boom past, Australia deals with the job of cleaning up | The ‘Cougar Conundrum’: Q&A with author Mark Elbroch | Harvard’s half-billion land stake in Brazil marred by conflict and abuse | Podcast: Singing and whistling cetaceans of southern Africa revealed by bioacoustics | Agrochemicals and industrial waste threaten Argentina’s Gran Chaco | Is Malaysia’s CIMB serious about addressing deforestation? (commentary) | Indonesia dam builder refuses new study to assess impact on orangutans | The lost forests of the Argentine Gran Chaco | ‘We are losing’: Q&A with The Orangutan Project’s Leif Cocks on saving the great ape | In Brazil, human action and climate change are drowning a community | Elephant shrew ‘lost’ to science for 52 years is ‘rediscovered’ in Africa | In the Scottish moorlands, plots planted with trees stored less carbon than untouched lands: Study | Qaramta: Chronicle of a jaguar in love | In Argentina, a movement to save the Chaco forest hits the COVID-19 wall | What is a capybara? Candid Animal Cam meets the world’s largest rodent | Peru gov’t needs to act on COVID-19 in Amazon Indigenous cases, NGOs say | Indigenous best Amazon stewards, but only when property rights assured: Study | Indonesia pushes rice estate project despite environmental red flags | Favoring ayahuasca over hospitals, Indigenous Kokama see COVID-19 deaths drop in the Amazon | A genetic map hopes to trace rescued chimps back to their homes | Book Review: Cottongrass Summer – the book every eco-anxious conservationist should read | Scientists urge reassessment of threatened species after Australian bushfires | China issues new sustainability rules for its notorious fishing fleet | Cameroon halts logging plans in Ebo Forest, home to tool-using chimps | FSC slammed for slow probe into deforestation by firms linked to Indonesia’s richest man | More than 260 major, mostly illegal Amazon fires detected since late May | Is that ivory from an elephant or a nut? A new guide shows how to tell | All talk, no walk: ‘Green’ financiers still support Amazon beef industry | Pioneer study maps regions of Amazon tree flora and may help in future efforts at species conservation | Illegal plant trade, tourism threaten new Philippine flowering herbs | In the fight against biodiversity loss, connectivity is key (commentary) | Climate change could put tropical plant germination at risk: Study | Mongabay’s most popular stories for July 2020 | Before burning comes felling: Brazil’s half-measure fire ban (commentary) | COVID is killing Indigenous leaders (commentary) | Paper maze and lack of transparency cloak investment in companies involved in Amazon deforestation | Is Chinese investment driving a sharp increase in jaguar poaching? | Don’t let Big Oil open a new front in its war on environmental defenders (commentary) | Ecuador races for emergency infrastructure as river’s collapse threatens dam | As wild areas become farmland, species that carry diseases flourish | Sharks contaminated with plastic are ‘cause for concern’ | They outlived dinosaurs, but can glass sponge reefs survive man-made warming? | How social are lions? Candid Animal Cam heads to the savannah | As Amazon tree loss worsens, political pressure grows, and Brazil hedges: Critics | Though forests burn, trees retake farmland globally as agroforestry advances | New Indigenous storytelling platform brings community perspectives to the world | Mauritius grapples with worst environmental crisis in a generation | Indonesian case highlights potential for long-term harms of corruption | Life among the turtles: Traditional people struggle inside an Amazon reserve | Why I stand for my tribe’s forest: It gives us food, culture, and life (commentary) | Amazon rainforest the size of Sao Paulo cleared in July in Brazil | Fires in Argentina’s Paraná Delta are burning ‘out of control’ | Brazilian Amazon protected areas ‘in flames’ as land-grabbers invade | Probe begins into alleged deforestation by Olam, ‘world’s largest farmer’ | Deforestation in the Amazon is drying up the rest of Brazil: Report | In Colombia, a protected park is buffeted by social, environmental conflicts | For the Philippines’ Mangyans, COVID-19 extends a long history of discrimination | Fires in the Pantanal: ‘We are facing a scenario now that is catastrophic’ | Mining industry releases first standard to improve safety of waste storage | Traversing Russia’s remote taiga in pursuit of the Blakiston’s fish owl | How do we save charisma-challenged species? Start with a story | Indonesian fishers who fought off tin miners prepare to battle all over again | Analysis: Vietnam’s leadership flex shows how to drive electricity reform | Understaffed and under threat: Paraguay’s park rangers pay the ultimate price | To flourish, Sri Lanka’s whale-watching industry must operate responsibly (commentary) | More than 500 dams planned inside protected areas: Study | Brazil dismantles environmental laws via huge surge in executive acts: Study | New Guinea has the most plant species of any island | Vietnam approves $9 billion development within mangrove reserve | New land snail species discovered in Hawaii offers ‘gem of hope’ | ‘Meaningless certification’: Study makes the case against ‘sustainable’ palm oil | Helping the poor can protect forests too, Indonesian welfare program shows | In California, forest fires spark a babel of birdsong, study shows | Podcast: From parks to payments, which conservation strategies work best? | Amazon gold mining wipes out rainforest regeneration for years: Study | Facial recognition tech for chimps looks to bust online ape trafficking | In Bogotá, communities weave an unlikely wetland success story | Illegal trade of Philippine pangolins is surging, report shows | Is a Sunda clouded leopard a leopard? Candid Animal Cam heads to Southeast Asia | The Large-antlered muntjac — Southeast Asia’s mystery deer (Commentary) | Saved from poisoning, these rare African vultures take wing again | Say hello to Madagascar’s newest mouse lemur, a pint-sized primate | Deaths of Yanomami babies from COVID-19 bring anguish to mothers | Forest crimes persist in Peru following Indigenous leader’s murder | Why are some endangered species ignored? | Business risk and COVID-19 are pushing Asian financiers away from coal | No choice: Why communities in Paraguay are cutting down forests to survive | Kaavan, a Sri Lankan elephant living in captivity in a Pakistani zoo to be set free | Double blow to Colombian Amazon and Indigenous groups from armed militants, COVID-19 | Amazonia’s people domesticated crops on ‘forest islands’ 10,000 years ago: Study | Endangered and endemic: Madagascar’s lemurs susceptible to coronavirus infection | Guardians of Mexico’s community forests confront climate change | New assessment shows 74% of Sri Lanka’s freshwater fish threatened with extinction | Ornithologists discover more rare hornbills than thought on Philippine island | For tool-wielding chimps of Ebo Forest, logging plan is a ‘death sentence’ | Does coconut oil really threaten more species than palm oil? No, it doesn’t. (commentary) | Photo Essay: In search of Sri Lanka’s vanishing tuskers | Goldminers overrun Amazon indigenous lands as COVID-19 surges | Anticipated new restrictions on wildlife trade in Vietnam fall short of a ban | In syntropic agriculture, farmers stop fighting nature and learn to embrace it | Migratory freshwater fish in peril as report shows population plunge | Podcast: Hellbenders, super-spreaders, and other salamanders face uncertain futures | Indigenous Ashaninka launch fundraiser to help Amazon neighbors amid pandemic | Burning down the house? Enviva’s giant U.S. wood pellet plants gear up | Sri Lanka’s hourglass frog is only an hourglass frog 77% of the time | A jaguar nicknamed “Short-Tail” the first known to cross between Belize and Guatemala | Upgrade of Indonesian palm oil certification falls short, observers say | 2019 was the deadliest year ever for environmental activists, watchdog group says | ‘Criminalizing’ dissent, martial law fuel attacks on Philippine environmental defenders | On World Tiger Day, let’s recommit to the goal of doubling wild tiger populations by 2022 (commentary) | Brazilian Amazon drained of millions of wild animals by criminal networks: Report | Arrests in Indonesian probe into latest case of labor abuses on Chinese fishing boats | We need a green life support plan (commentary) | For the Amazon’s rarest wild dog, deforestation is a very real threat | What makes a Sumatran tiger different? Candid Animal Cam heads to southeast Asia | Marijuana farms expand in Paraguay reserve despite gov’t crackdowns | Indigenous-led technology solutions can boost biodiversity and ensure human rights (commentary) | What funds are needed to prevent another pandemic? Just 2% of COVID-19’s estimated cost | In Sri Lanka, a South American flower usurps a tree sacred to Buddhists and Hindus | Scientists launch ambitious conservation project to save the Amazon | Investigation links meat giant JBS to Amazon deforestation | App harnesses citizen power to keep tabs on Philippines’ coral reefs | Indonesian fishers face livelihood threat from ‘beautiful’ tourism project | Problem pachyderms? ‘Geofencing’ helps reduce Sri Lanka’s human-elephant conflict | Mangrove forest restoration boosts Costa Rica communities (commentary) | Canada not walking the talk on its miners’ abuses abroad, campaigners say | World Bank-backed attempt to commercialize Madagascar’s beef industry falters | Bubbles, lasers and robo-bees: The blossoming industry of artificial pollination | Niobium mining in Brazilian Amazon would cause significant forest loss: Study | Sharks are ‘functionally extinct’ in many global reef systems, study finds | Photos show scale of massive fires tearing through Siberian forests | Twins highlight world’s largest Asian elephant gathering in Sri Lanka | Expand conserved areas to boost global economy ravaged by COVID-19: Report | In picturesque Boracay, a crown-of-thorns infestation is eating away at the reef | Mozambique’s trailblazing Gorongosa Park celebrates 60th anniversary, announces 60 new schools (commentary) | As reef bleaching intensifies, lab-grown corals could help beat the heat | Narwhals beware: Killer whales are on the rise in the Arctic | Study values women’s long-overlooked contribution to fisheries at $5.6b per year | Study: Chinese ‘dark fleets’ illegally defying sanctions by fishing in North Korean waters | Protected areas in Paraguay hit hard by illegal marijuana farming | Podcast: Finding nature in cities | New report asks, do land titles help poor farmers? | A Brazilian forest community shows certified timber really does work | Forest restoration, not just halting deforestation, vital to Amazon | Sumatran rhino planned for capture is another female, Indonesian officials say | Sri Lanka: Rich in biodiversity, and human-wildlife conflict | Photos: In southern Papua, navigating an alien world built on palm oil | Sea turtles often lose their way, but always reach their destination | Environmental defenders voice concerns as COVID-19 crisis deepens | Scientists measure Amazon drought and deforestation feedback loop: Study | What is the yellow-throated marten? Candid Animal Cam investigates | Indonesia presses China for witness in deaths of fishing boat crews | Sediment plumes from deep-sea mining could pollute vast swaths of the ocean, scientists say | Energy-guzzling McMansions make the American dream a climate nightmare | Population and consumption: challenges we can win (commentary) | World’s biggest meatpacker JBS bought illegally grazed Amazon cattle: Report | The wild plants in your pantry—where did they come from? | ‘Every tool in the box’ to save Sumatran rhinos: Q&A with Nina Fascione of IRF | Where there’s cattle ranching and soybean farming, there’s fire, study finds | Pac-Man: The jaguar hunted for parts in Mexico | Brutus or Caesar? Now visitors can identify individual leopards at Sri Lanka park | International investors urge Brazil to take real action to stop deforestation | Amazon fires rage despite official ban, Greenpeace photos reveal | A fire and a firing: Double whammy for Madagascar environmental regulator | Sounding the alarm about illegal logging? There’s an app for that | Only a few ‘rotten apples’ causing most illegal Brazil deforestation: Study | Nigeria’s wildlife traders, who weathered Ebola, eye post-COVID-19 boom | Sea temperature a critical factor in success of coral reef outplants | New study quantifies impact of hunting on migratory shorebird populations | Keystone mammal plunges 87% in Mesoamerica | World Bank-funded factory farms dogged by alleged environmental abuses | Our most popular conservation news stories from June 2020 | Brazil’s past finance ministers defend environment against Bolsonaro | Video: ‘Injustice’ for West Papuans whose land was sold out from under them | Philippine court rejects OceanaGold’s bid to keep mining on expired permit | Rainforest Alliance Certification gets a 2020 upgrade | Podcast: Can policy prevent a North American salamander pandemic? | Corn growers in Brazil’s Cerrado reap a hostile climate of their own making | Dam that threatens orangutan habitat faces three-year delay | Indonesia’s new lobster export policy threatens Javan rhino habitat | In the battle to save forests, a make-or-break moment for REDD+ | Risking death and arrest, Madagascar fishers chase dwindling sea cucumbers | In Mexico, groups push for reforms to law promoting sustainable forest use | ‘Our life is plasticized’: New research shows microplastics in our food, water, air | The woman building the forest corridors saving Brazil’s black lion tamarin | The U.N.’s grand plan to save forests hasn’t worked, but some still believe it can | Deer droppings help researchers understand sambar antler development | Top Amazon deforestation satellite researcher sacked by Bolsonaro | An export boom threatens to put Madagascar’s mud crabs in hot water