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News | Your Environment This Week: Protecting pangolins, community ownership in mining, bat call library AUTHOR: Sandhya Sekar | One of the world’s most trafficked animals needs focus outside India’s protected areas AUTHOR: sahana | Closer watch on vulnerable tribal groups in the Andamans in the face of COVID-19 AUTHOR: mayank | To dam or not to dam? Floods in eastern Vidarbha raise the perennial debate AUTHOR: gopi | Is joint community ownership the way forward for mineral governance in India? AUTHOR: mayank | Sundarbans endangered as per IUCN’s Red List of Ecosystems framework, cautious optimism advised AUTHOR: sahana | Proposed rules for power consumers could hurt solar rooftop sector AUTHOR: mayank | Present versus past: Environmental threats can destroy Edakkal caves and their Stone Age carvings AUTHOR: gopi | Nature in peril as biodiversity losses mount alarmingly, states the Living Planet Report AUTHOR: gopi | Bengaluru’s Biodiversity Management Committee is back in action AUTHOR: Aditi | Punjab’s Mattewara forest and Sutlej river under threat from upcoming industrial park AUTHOR: Sandhya Sekar | Conserving high elevation shola-grasslands crucial for the endemic Nilgiri pipit AUTHOR: Aditi | Peninsular India close to losing its last remaining great Indian bustards AUTHOR: Sandhya Sekar | Bat call library for the western Himalayas takes wing AUTHOR: sahana | Community conservation model in Western Arunachal Pradesh protects wildlife habitats AUTHOR: Aditi | Your Environment This Week: Underground ants, securing forest officers, wildlife knows no boundaries AUTHOR: Sandhya Sekar | Will there be a sunrise for workers’ unions in India’s renewable sector? AUTHOR: mayank | [Video] India’s wildlife knows no boundaries AUTHOR: Kartik Chandramouli | New research improves understanding on dengue, but vaccine search continues AUTHOR: gopi | Whose minerals are they anyway? AUTHOR: mayank | Some hope for Rajasthan’s silicosis victims but many challenges AUTHOR: mayank | Splintered habitats may imperil egg-carrying butterflies AUTHOR: sahana | Household air pollution: Empowering women could boost LPG adoption AUTHOR: Sandhya Sekar | Forest officers demand better social security and firearms AUTHOR: mayank | Tamil Nadu probes mysterious elephant deaths AUTHOR: sahana | A new species of blind, underground ant from Goa AUTHOR: Sandhya Sekar | Your Environment This Week: Ant love in butterflies, (Photos) Uranium mining, COVID waste peaks AUTHOR: Sandhya Sekar | The tigers that live in a thermal power plant AUTHOR: Aditi | [Photos] Suffering in the town powering India’s nuclear dreams AUTHOR: mayank | India proposes overhaul of mining sector amid concerns over legality and social impact AUTHOR: mayank | Clean air, sanitation can save newborn lives AUTHOR: sahana | Rainfall in parts of Karnataka has reduced over decades AUTHOR: Aditi | How butterflies strike a relationship with ants using specialised organs AUTHOR: Aditi | Mumbai’s COVID waste peaks, second waste treatment plant not in sight AUTHOR: Aditi | Bera’s free-roaming leopards walk on thin ice as tourism grows AUTHOR: sahana | Reverse migration cheers up agricultural sector in villages AUTHOR: Aditi | Cyclones made coral recovery quicker in Gulf of Mannar this year AUTHOR: Aditi | Your Environment This Week: Wild campuses, e-waste disposal, Onam food for thought AUTHOR: Aditi | [Commentary] Onam is a day to remember the environment to economics connect in Kerala AUTHOR: gopi | With depleting fish catch, Sundarbans fishers migrate to other coastal states AUTHOR: Aditi | How Rhizophora mangroves on Car Nicobar islands fought back a rapid sea-level rise in 2004 tsunami AUTHOR: sahana | The bugyals or Himalayan alpine meadows: a treasure trove endangered AUTHOR: Sandhya Sekar | India’s first two ‘Tsunami Ready’ villages AUTHOR: Aditi | Resettlement is a voluntary option for families in Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary AUTHOR: Aditi | The wild side of India’s educational campuses AUTHOR: sahana | [Explainer] The why and how of disposing electronic waste AUTHOR: Sandhya Sekar | Revival and absence of Bengaluru’s traditional crop varieties AUTHOR: Aditi | Chennai’s Adyar river shows signs of recovery after years of government investment AUTHOR: gopi | Your Environment This Week: Low-carbon websites, invasion in tiger habitats, more to Kodagu floods AUTHOR: Sandhya Sekar | Uttarakhand’s draft ecotourism policy could threaten biodiversity AUTHOR: mayank | Goa destroys green cover to enable infrastructure projects AUTHOR: Aditi | Chhattisgarh government’s flip-flop on forest rights AUTHOR: mayank | West Bengal fishermen observe fewer shrimp and fish deaths by pollution this year AUTHOR: Aditi | [Commentary] Precautionary Principle and its tryst with the Indian judiciary AUTHOR: Aditi | SDGs provide direction for sustainable post-COVID recovery AUTHOR: sahana | Lantana invasion threatens 40 percent of India’s tiger habitat, reports study AUTHOR: Sandhya Sekar | Elephants in north Bengal more likely to raid crops near fragmented forested patches AUTHOR: sahana | There’s more to Kodagu floods than heavy rains AUTHOR: Aditi | Low-carbon websites to cut emissions AUTHOR: Sandhya Sekar | Your Environment This Week: Coal-renewable sector issue, photos from Hasdeo, landslides and floods AUTHOR: Sandhya Sekar | Retrofitting coal power plants with carbon capture may lead to increased water stress AUTHOR: sahana | Can elephants be ‘restricted’ to forests? AUTHOR: mayank | East and west: The parallel worlds of India’s coal and renewable sectors AUTHOR: mayank | Floods across the country highlight need for a robust flood management structure AUTHOR: mayank | Mumbai flood breaches new frontiers AUTHOR: mayank | [Commentary] Tigers, tourists and pilgrims: The ecological impact of pilgrimage sites in protected areas AUTHOR: mayank | [Photos] The rich Hasdeo Arand on the road to become a ravaged Korba? AUTHOR: Kartik Chandramouli | Deadly landslides are becoming Kerala’s new reality every monsoon AUTHOR: sahana | Leopards in Guwahati’s hills jostle for space AUTHOR: sahana | Children sketch human-elephant conflict and coexistence in Odisha AUTHOR: sahana | Your Environment This Week: Boreholes & past climate, Silent Valley’s ring, Bengal loris AUTHOR: Sandhya Sekar | Captivating carnivores: Saving India’s only pitcher plant AUTHOR: Sandhya Sekar | Hunted and traded for body parts, the Bengal slow loris needs a conservation strategy AUTHOR: sahana | States propose minimal eco-sensitive zones around protected areas AUTHOR: mayank | Plastic waste from post Amphan relief material could add to pollution in Sundarbans AUTHOR: Aditi | [Commentary] Why the plane could, yet the country can’t, run on biofuel? AUTHOR: mayank | Deep below the surface, boreholes offer clues to past warming in the Western Ghats AUTHOR: sahana | Silent Valley to soon get a conservation ring around it AUTHOR: mayank | Is India’s first round-the-clock renewable energy contract really what it claims to be? AUTHOR: Aditi | Conserve both large intact and small degraded habitats to maintain biodiversity AUTHOR: mayank | Low fish catch along India’s western coast hints at impacts of climate change AUTHOR: Aditi | Your Environment This Week: Flying foxes, stoneflowers and otter stories AUTHOR: Sandhya Sekar | Tigers and their habitats under threat from the boost to the mining sector AUTHOR: mayank | Protecting rivers and involving communities to conserve Himalayas’ shy otters AUTHOR: sahana | Discoveries and rediscoveries: Stoneflowers in northeast India AUTHOR: Sandhya Sekar | Will the ease of doing business make life harder for farmers in Karnataka? AUTHOR: Aditi | Assam reels under flood as pandemic wears on AUTHOR: sahana | Government’s crackdown renews interest in draft EIA 2020 AUTHOR: mayank | Watching my friendly neighbours, flying foxes AUTHOR: sahana | Setback in inter-state tiger relocation as Odisha prepares to return Sundari to MP AUTHOR: Aditi | India’s millets policy: is it headed in the right direction? AUTHOR: Sandhya Sekar | Reports of early flowering from poplar trees in Punjab AUTHOR: Aditi | Your Environment This Week: “Just transitions” in mining, fisheries policy & Corbett’s legacy AUTHOR: Sandhya Sekar | Mapping conflict hotspots as leopards adapt to unlikely habitats outside protected areas AUTHOR: sahana | Despite an early vision for sustainability in mining, is India’s progress faltering? AUTHOR: mayank | Living with leopards: taking forward Corbett’s legacy AUTHOR: mayank | [Commentary] Making communities central to conservation AUTHOR: sahana | Listen closely: using bioacoustics in wildlife conservation AUTHOR: Sandhya Sekar | [Commentary] The palm oil value chain and India’s links with global deforestation AUTHOR: Aditi | Draft National Fisheries Policy seeks big growth but ignores fishers AUTHOR: mayank | Mapping human-elephant conflict hotspots from compensation records AUTHOR: sahana | [Video] Is mining in India ‘just’ for the environment and communities? AUTHOR: mayank | Locals brace to fight for their Oran in Rajasthan AUTHOR: Sandhya Sekar | Your Environment This Week: Indo-Nepal gharials, rare toad in a farm, just transitions in mining AUTHOR: Sandhya Sekar | The Indus dolphin is struggling in India, thriving in Pakistan AUTHOR: Aditi | India’s mining sector: Present is tense and future could be imperfect AUTHOR: mayank | [Commentary] Lessons for India’s mining sector from Mongolia AUTHOR: mayank | Gharials swimming across India-Nepal border an opportunity for enhanced co-operation AUTHOR: sahana | How glaciers in the western Himalayas are reacting differently to climate change and human activities AUTHOR: mayank | [Commentary] Landscape connectivity for better sustainability AUTHOR: Aditi | As assembly election nears, Kerala government announces environmentally controversial projects AUTHOR: gopi | Salt-tolerant rice, innovations help farmers deal with salinity in the Sundarbans AUTHOR: Sandhya Sekar | [Commentary] Nourish the undernourished: Building pandemic resilience of the nation builders AUTHOR: Aditi | Rare Gunther’s toad sighting highlights farms as biodiversity hotspots AUTHOR: sahana | Your Environment This Week: Golden langur, fishy airport luggage, Ganga’s wait continues AUTHOR: Sandhya Sekar | Excess Baggage: How wildlife is trafficked by air in and out of India AUTHOR: Aditi | Golden langurs cling to splintered forests and fringe villages in Assam AUTHOR: sahana | Ganga’s wait for a cleaner tomorrow continues … AUTHOR: mayank | Lessons on coexistence with the environment from two tribal districts in Odisha AUTHOR: Aditi | [Commentary] Wrong values, not technical lapses to blame for industrial mishaps AUTHOR: mayank | With boiler blast, the Neyveli power station becomes a fiery grave AUTHOR: gopi | [Commentary] Biting the bullet: Elephant-human associations in perspective AUTHOR: sahana | Livestock grazing drives blue sheep in the Himalayas to forage in sub-optimal areas AUTHOR: Sandhya Sekar | Water sustainability leads to better income for Jharkhand farmers AUTHOR: Aditi | Human presence disturbs prey activity, shows study comparing Kaziranga and Manas AUTHOR: Aditi | Your Environment This Week: Yak exchange, flowers climbing up Himalayas, noise pollution fines AUTHOR: Aditi | [Commentary] Securing India’s tiger habitats and natural assets for preventing future pandemics AUTHOR: Aditi | Shhh! CPCB proposes stringent fines for noise pollution AUTHOR: mayank | These flowers are likely to climb up the Himalayas as temperature rises AUTHOR: sahana | How a Karnataka district is rapidly losing lush forest cover AUTHOR: mayank | Overhead electricity wires prove death traps for Sarus cranes AUTHOR: Aditi | Hope for healthy yak rides on Druk, the yak bull from Bhutan raised in Sikkim AUTHOR: sahana | The Indian dragons we know so little about AUTHOR: Aditi | Linear infrastructure severely affects large forest patches in India, finds study AUTHOR: Sandhya Sekar | Bridging the gender gap through groundwater monitoring in a Rajasthan village AUTHOR: sahana | Ecosystems-based adaptation keeps water running in Bhojdari even in dry months AUTHOR: gopi | Your Environment This Week: New draft EIA impacts, rare Ganges shark, carbon cycles in Pichavaram AUTHOR: Sandhya Sekar | Mines ministry seeks public hearing exemption for expansion of non-coal mining projects AUTHOR: mayank | [Commentary] A fresh start for a green India AUTHOR: Aditi | [Video] How does the new draft EIA affect the environment and me? AUTHOR: mayank | The rare shark of the Ganga AUTHOR: Aditi | How carbon cycles in Pichavaram mangroves AUTHOR: sahana | Finn’s weaver faces a risk of extinction AUTHOR: Aditi | [Commentary] ‘Righting’ the wrong: Rights of rivers in India AUTHOR: mayank | Rail route through tiger reserve set to get busier, faster AUTHOR: mayank | Odisha’s coastal migrants return to where they started AUTHOR: Aditi | Why do indigenous communities persist with practising shifting cultivation? AUTHOR: sahana | Your Environment This Week: Himalayan langur, Indian skimmer, controversy returns to Athirappilly AUTHOR: Aditi | Protect India’s forests and urban green spaces, says India’s climate change report AUTHOR: mayank | Community conservation strengthens biodiversity in Similipal Tiger Reserve AUTHOR: Aditi | [Book Review] Good information, data and people’s support is needed for conservation AUTHOR: Aditi | [Commentary] With rising temperatures and post COVID-19 challenge, can forest management show a way for India? AUTHOR: mayank | The return of the mega hydropower projects across India AUTHOR: mayank | Nest guardians to keep the Indian skimmer’s eggs safe AUTHOR: Aditi | Forests outside protected areas will be important to save Himalayan langurs: study AUTHOR: Aditi | Controversy returns to Athirappilly as Kerala government reactivates the hydel project proposal AUTHOR: gopi | Leopard genes hint at a probable population decline in India a century or two ago AUTHOR: Aditi | Wild canids and striped hyenas can conserve a diversity of habitats in India, says study AUTHOR: Aditi | Your Environment This Week: Mumbai’s fishers innovate, unlocking protected areas, oil well fire AUTHOR: Kartik Chandramouli | Forest official who complained about legal violations in the Andaman & Nicobar Islands loses duties AUTHOR: mayank | Environment ministry unlocked many protected areas during the lockdown AUTHOR: sahana | The Yobin wait for a road amid encroachment claims in Namdapha forests AUTHOR: sahana | Can Sharavathi river survive another hydropower project? AUTHOR: mayank | Fire at oil well after gas leak threatens life, livelihood and biodiversity in Assam AUTHOR: Aditi | The great Indian bustard has a new ally: its human neighbours AUTHOR: Aditi | Elephants become collateral damage in the fight against crop-raiding boars AUTHOR: Aditi | [Commentary] India’s Biological Diversity Act finally shows progress due to NGT AUTHOR: mayank | African Swine Fever kills thousands of pigs in Assam and Arunachal Pradesh AUTHOR: sahana | How Mumbai’s fishers adapted in the lockdown, kept their sales alive AUTHOR: Aditi | Your Environment This Week: Locust swarms, Assam floods, tiger sisters AUTHOR: Sandhya Sekar | [Commentary] Reared by their father, tiger sisters take forward conservation in Sariska AUTHOR: Aditi | [Commentary] India can build back better from COVID-19 AUTHOR: mayank | From east to west, cyclones on Indian coasts are a reminder to put climate agenda ahead AUTHOR: sahana | [Commentary] Rethinking land for the 21st century AUTHOR: Aditi | With floods and COVID-19, Assam faces a dual threat AUTHOR: sahana | No increase in forestry budgets of states due to ecological fiscal transfers, says study AUTHOR: mayank | [Explainer] Locust swarms in India: millimeters in size but millions in numbers AUTHOR: Aditi | Climate change favours locust swarms, India increasingly at risk AUTHOR: mayank | Leverage improved forecast to deal with disasters AUTHOR: sahana | Kashmir’s retreating glaciers could also be influenced by local land use change AUTHOR: Aditi | [Photos] Scenes from the Sundarbans after Amphan AUTHOR: Kartik Chandramouli | The 20 lakh crore package looks ahead, missing immediate concerns of farmers AUTHOR: mayank | Erosion, an important cause of mangrove loss in the Sundarbans AUTHOR: sahana | [Commentary] Greening a desert invites locust swarms AUTHOR: Aditi | As captive elephants starve, lockdown brings problematic practice to the fore AUTHOR: Sandhya Sekar | Embankment politics, livelihood loss, pandemic, and other issues mount in Sundarbans AUTHOR: Aditi | West Bengal faces the brunt of Cyclone Amphan AUTHOR: Aditi | Conserving the Toda buffalo before it is too late AUTHOR: Sandhya Sekar | [Analysis] Cyclone Amphan puts focus back on millions displaced by climate disasters AUTHOR: mayank | Natural, biodiverse forests more reliable at fighting climate change than plantations AUTHOR: Aditi | Your Environment This Week: Coexisting with lions, tiger genome from hair, economic package’s environmental impacts AUTHOR: Sandhya Sekar | Coexisting with an increasing number of Asiatic lions AUTHOR: Aditi | [Commentary] The environmental impacts of the economic package AUTHOR: gopi | From shed hair, scientists obtain whole genomes of wild tigers AUTHOR: Sandhya Sekar | Land banks to help economy post lockdown could threaten poor communities AUTHOR: mayank | Years of neglect led to Vizag gas tragedy AUTHOR: mayank | Rajasthan sees spike in wildlife poaching during COVID-19 lockdown AUTHOR: mayank | Anxious farmers in Maharashtra prepare to sow amidst lockdown AUTHOR: Aditi | Genetic study suggests Himalayan ibex could be different from their Siberian counterparts AUTHOR: Aditi | [Commentary] Post-COVID there is a case for a greener GNP AUTHOR: gopi | Nanotechnology applications can boost agricultural output in emergencies AUTHOR: sahana | Your Environment This Week: Dibang valley issue, a rare flying squirrel, boat clinics battle COVID-19 AUTHOR: Sandhya Sekar | Cheaper coal transport through water and sky could come at the cost of the environment AUTHOR: Aditi | [Commentary] Finding the middle ground with the Changpa herders in Ladakh AUTHOR: Aditi | Gap in sampling hampers India’s ecological monitoring in Antarctica AUTHOR: sahana | Moved from temple ponds to the wild, black softshell turtles walk towards revival AUTHOR: Aditi | Etalin hydel plant’s future now hangs on its economic viability AUTHOR: mayank | Assam’s boat clinics scan remote islands for COVID-19 AUTHOR: sahana | Logging poses a threat to the arboreal Travancore flying squirrel AUTHOR: Aditi | An online network emerges during the lockdown connecting farmers directly with customers AUTHOR: mayank | Lockdown slows wildlife forensics AUTHOR: sahana | Study suggests tuna gillnet fisheries deadly for dolphins, but evidence unconvincing AUTHOR: Aditi | Your Environment This Week: Monkeys missing humans, Western Ghats for railways, a tiger reserve for Kumbh? AUTHOR: Sandhya Sekar | [Commentary] A post-lockdown pathway for forest-edge communities of central India AUTHOR: gopi | Concern for birds grounds Mumbai’s marina project for now AUTHOR: mayank | Uttarakhand eyes a part of Rajaji Tiger Reserve for Kumbh AUTHOR: mayank | Women in slums, stranded migrant workers grapple with water access in Bhubaneswar AUTHOR: sahana | COVID-19 lockdown dents the economy of India’s forest dwellers AUTHOR: mayank | Karnataka government okays rail line in the Western Ghats AUTHOR: Sandhya Sekar | Lakshadweep unveils world’s first sea cucumber conservation reserve AUTHOR: Sandhya Sekar | [Interview] “We really have to find a way to exist with the planet” AUTHOR: Aditi | Absence of human presence impacting monkey behaviour in Ayodhya AUTHOR: Sandhya Sekar | Despite COVID lockdown, environment ministry’s expert panels race to clear projects AUTHOR: mayank | Your Environment This Week: India’s polar missions, opportunity in a pandemic, fake wildlife news frenzy AUTHOR: Sandhya Sekar | India’s polar missions hit pause AUTHOR: sahana | [Commentary] In a pandemic, a chance to make India’s recovery and growth equitable AUTHOR: gopi | Why do we keep falling for fake news about animals and what can go wrong? AUTHOR: Aditi | [Commentary] Pastoral communities of Tamil Nadu in peril AUTHOR: Sandhya Sekar | Conservation biologists navigate the new normal AUTHOR: sahana | Fly ash slurry in Singrauli contaminates water reservoir after taking lives and homes AUTHOR: mayank | India’s wildlife veterinary system needs an upgrade to tackle zoonotic diseases AUTHOR: mayank | Can biodiversity loss lead to more infectious disease spread? AUTHOR: sahana | Involving traditional healers in public health initiatives to mitigate spread of COVID-19 in Bastar AUTHOR: mayank | Fireflies appear to be vanishing in this Andhra Pradesh village AUTHOR: Aditi | Your Environment This Week: Bats not the enemy, plant quarantines and fake ‘jackal horns’ AUTHOR: Sandhya Sekar | Bats not the enemy in the fight against COVID-19 AUTHOR: sahana | El Niño-Southern Oscillation can affect tuna fish in the Indian Ocean, says FAO report AUTHOR: Sandhya Sekar | Using lessons from disaster management, Odisha takes on COVID-19 AUTHOR: sahana | India’s power consumption falls by 19 percent during COVID-19 lockdown AUTHOR: mayank | [Commentary] Covid-19 and food security: Lessons for Indian Agriculture AUTHOR: gopi | [Interview] Lockdown throws up challenges for quarantine of plant samples for research AUTHOR: sahana | [Commentary] Degrowth and COVID-19: Are we drawing a simplistic connection? AUTHOR: mayank | Low-cost, paper-based device being developed for rapid coronavirus detection AUTHOR: Sandhya Sekar | A new species of wood snake emerges in the Western Ghats, mottled in grey-brown AUTHOR: Sandhya Sekar | A tale of non-existent jackal horns and their online sales AUTHOR: Sandhya Sekar | Your Environment This Week: Vultures of Bundelkhand, women fight against waste dumping AUTHOR: Sandhya Sekar | Greens grown in urban kitchen gardens beat the lockdown blues AUTHOR: mayank | [Interview] Rumours linking livestock to COVID-19 unfounded, says expert AUTHOR: sahana | Energy policies could get reset in light of the COVID-19 pandemic AUTHOR: mayank | Demolition of illegal construction in Sukhna lake area put on hold till the pandemic is under control AUTHOR: Aditi | Tracking sewage to surveil COVID-19 AUTHOR: sahana | Agrobiodiversity initiatives open women’s horizons in Kerala AUTHOR: Sandhya Sekar | Rajasthan uncovers chinkara poaching racket AUTHOR: mayank | Chhattisgarh’s tribal women keep vigil on their forests AUTHOR: Aditi | “Ladies First!”: Women fight against solid waste dumping in this Himachal Pradesh village AUTHOR: sahana | Vultures in Bundelkhand rise, but stray cattle and other concerns persist AUTHOR: Aditi | Your Environment This Week: COVID-19 lockdown impacts agriculture and fisheries AUTHOR: Sandhya Sekar | Fishers try to stay afloat amid lockdown AUTHOR: mayank | [Commentary] The last tiger of Ajanta AUTHOR: Sandhya Sekar | Staying indoors in heat-vulnerable, low-income neighbourhoods AUTHOR: Aditi | Bioresource access and benefit-sharing: How far have we come in India? AUTHOR: Sandhya Sekar | [Commentary] In the post-COVID world, health security must be a matter of national security AUTHOR: Sandhya Sekar | Leopards in a spot in Rajasthan AUTHOR: Aditi | No escape from environmental distress as migrants return home in pandemic lockdown AUTHOR: sahana | Bishnois organise and educate themselves to take environment conservation beyond religion AUTHOR: Aditi | Government pushes for post facto environment clearances while apex court disapproves AUTHOR: mayank | [Commentary] Ecological civilisation and the new global biodiversity framework AUTHOR: gopi | Your Environment This Week: Ganjam fisherwomen unite, COVID-19 and farmers AUTHOR: Sandhya Sekar | COVID-19 lockdown locks down farmers’ income AUTHOR: mayank | [Commentary] COVID-19 proves that health, biodiversity and climate action are tied goals AUTHOR: Sandhya Sekar | Ganjam fisherwomen unite to get back fish trade from monopolistic traders AUTHOR: Aditi | Where is the water to wash my hands? AUTHOR: Aditi | Olive ridleys day-nest in Odisha after seven years, but no link to lockdown say experts AUTHOR: sahana | Deforestation and disease: How natural habitat destruction can fuel zoonotic diseases AUTHOR: sahana | Travel the great indoors for a glimpse of your city’s natural world AUTHOR: Kartik Chandramouli | Slim pickings for strays and pets during COVID-19 lockdown AUTHOR: mayank | During lockdown foresters try to balance field work and prevention of disease spread AUTHOR: sahana | Relocation of tribal people living around Similipal Tiger Reserve forceful, claim locals AUTHOR: Sandhya Sekar | Your Environment This Week: Environment, economy and COVID-19 AUTHOR: Sandhya Sekar | [Commentary] It is not COVID-19 alone, but also the environment and the economy AUTHOR: gopi | [Interview] “Must not target ethnic groups and create prejudice over COVID-19” AUTHOR: sahana | Uncertainty looms over climate change and biodiversity talks in 2020 AUTHOR: mayank | [Commentary] A perilous bundling: global response for COVID-19 and climate action AUTHOR: Aditi | Caught between floods, protests and a pandemic, ecotourism operators bat for resilience AUTHOR: sahana | [Commentary] Crackdown on wet markets and illegal wildlife trade could prevent the next pandemic AUTHOR: Aditi | Indian scientists building DNA database to protect the elusive red panda AUTHOR: sahana | Pollution watchdog releases guidelines to handle COVID-19 biomedical waste AUTHOR: mayank | Could tribal honey hunters help save the bees and improve our food security? AUTHOR: Sandhya Sekar | [Book Review] Travelling through India’s wildlands in the time of social distancing AUTHOR: Aditi | Your Environment This Week: One health approach, Kerala’s model for public healthcare and women making slums resilient AUTHOR: Sandhya Sekar | Villagers develop a protective ring around the Ranthambore tiger reserve AUTHOR: mayank | Caught between virus outbreaks, Kerala’s model for public healthcare lauded AUTHOR: Aditi | Indian businesses to consider their human rights impact under proposed plan AUTHOR: mayank | [Interview] Taking One Health approach to tackle zoonoses crucial for India AUTHOR: sahana | Stepping up monsoon research for more data, improved forecast AUTHOR: sahana | India’s proposed overhaul of environment clearance rules could dilute existing regulations AUTHOR: mayank | COVID-19 may be the watershed to spur action on wildlife trafficking AUTHOR: Aditi | Sunrays light up dark villages in Jharkhand AUTHOR: Sandhya Sekar | Scientists record bat calls to build database AUTHOR: sahana | Women act to make slums climate-resilient, one house at a time AUTHOR: Kartik Chandramouli