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News | Ambitious and holistic goals key to saving Earth’s biodiversity, study says | P&G shareholders vote in landslide to address supply-chain deforestation | Long entrenched Brazilian military mindset is key to Amazon policy: Expert | Despite COVID, political divides, conservation can advance: Hansjörg Wyss | Indonesian officials linked to mining and ‘dirty energy’ firms benefiting from deregulation law | Marmosets trafficked as pets now threaten native species in Atlantic forest | South Korea’s move away from coal leaves a Philippine power plant in limbo | Planned road projects threaten Sumatran rhino habitat, experts say | ‘Zero-deforestation’ paper giant APRIL justifies clearing of Sumatran peatland | Tradable by default: Reptile trafficking flourishes amid lack of protection | Atlantic trends can predict Amazon drought 18 months away, study finds | On a Philippine island, Indigenous women get their say on marine conservation | Podcast: Mongabay explores Sumatra, a land like no other | The turtle egg that pinged back: Tracing a poaching pathway in Costa Rica | Camila Chindoy, the Indigenous daughter poised to lead her Amazon community | Brazil’s Amazon dam plans: Ominous warnings of future destruction (commentary) | Public lands and parks are our common heritage: Bruce Babbitt | Paper giant APRIL linked to Borneo forest clearing despite zero-deforestation vow | The rhino in the room: 3D scan brings near-extinct Sumatran species to virtual life | Madagascar shuts down ‘illegal’ gold mine but activists remain in legal limbo | ‘Digital land grab’ deprives traditional LatAm peoples of ancestral lands: Report | Colombia, ethnobotany, and America’s decline: An interview with Wade Davis | Ecuador Indigenous accuse state of crimes against humanity | At-risk Cerrado mammals need fully-protected parks to survive: Researchers | In Uganda, safeguarding chimpanzees against the scourge of snaring | Data drives Bloomberg’s support for climate solutions, says Antha N. Williams | From the ashes of a volcano: Mexico’s Purépecha Forest | Why do wombats poop cubes? Candid Animal Cam is in Australia | ‘No other choice’: Groups push to protect vast swaths of Antarctic seas | Fire burns Pantanal’s upland heart and threatens nature’s fragile balance | Armed and dangerous, ‘murder lorises’ use their venom against each other | Deforestation threatens to wipe out a primate melting pot in Indonesia | Putting sustainability at the center of business strategy: An interview with Paul Polman | Madagascar experiments with drones for its massive reforestation effort | Philippine court upholds open-pit mining ban in Mindanao | Video: The Sumatran rhino is sliding into extinction. It doesn’t have to | Wildlife emergency in Bolivia as fires threaten animal sanctuaries | Does trophy hunting hurt giraffe populations? A planned lawsuit says it does | Video: Captive-reared scarlet macaws get a second chance at life in the wild | In Guatemala, refugees find new calling as park rangers | Gorongosa National Park is being reforested via coffee and agroforestry | Harvard fund evades justice in land-grabbing case over Cerrado farm | Podcast: A radio program is helping save critically endangered gorillas in Nigeria | Indonesia’s new deregulation law to hurt small fishers, coastal communities | Lots of suspects but few leads in mystery sea turtle deaths in Sri Lanka | Can an art museum drive sustainability? Q&A with MOCA’s Klaus Biesenbach | ‘Luckiest people’: Encountering a newborn Sumatran rhino in the wild | Which version? Confusion over environmental fallout of Indonesia deregulation law | For Amazon’s harpy eagle, nesting trees are also coveted for timber | China still making pangolin-based treatments despite banning use of scales, report says