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News | New funding boosts AI-enabled wildlife identification project in Australia | Colombia adds hundreds of species to list of threatened flora and fauna | Hong Kong as a reef fish haven? These scientists want to get the word out | Megafires are spreading in the Amazon — and they are here to stay | Agrochemicals take a big toll on Global South, new Atlas of Pesticides shows | Activists urge Australia to end lucrative links to Myanmar junta’s mines | Low implementation of land use maps in the Andean countries | Chapter 4 of “A Perfect Storm in the Amazon” | Controversy brews over proposed dam on Kathmandu’s Bagmati River | With drop in illegal fishing comes rise in piracy, study in Indonesia finds | Land use planning: the positive case of Brazil | Chapter 4 of “A Perfect Storm in the Amazon” | Landslide in Philippines mining town kills nearly 100, prompts calls for action | Scientists now know how the Brumadinho dam disaster happened, and the lessons to learn | Tech to recover rainforest: Interview with Osa Conservation’s Carolina Pinto & Paulina Rodriguez | Indonesia to offer tax perks to companies investing in reforestation of its new capital city | Hydropower in doubt as climate impacts Mekong Basin water availability | Can ecotourism protect Raja Ampat, the ‘Crown Jewel’ of New Guinea? | What principles should define natural climate solutions? A new study has some answers | Freeze on Russian collaboration disrupts urgently needed permafrost data flow | In Cambodia, an official’s cashew factory churns out timber from a protected forest | ‘High Seas Treaty’ name is inaccurate and should center biodiversity (commentary) | On Kaho’olawe, new technology could restore a sacred Hawaiian island | Herbicide used in Bangladesh tea production threatens biodiversity & health | Road project promising access to Indigenous Waorani is ushering in deforestation | Climate change, extreme weather & conflict exacerbate global food crisis | Brazil’s BR-319 highway: The danger reaches a critical moment (commentary) | After 50 years of the U.S. Endangered Species Act, we need new biodiversity protection laws (commentary) | As climate disasters claim their children, Bangladeshi mothers seek safety in bigger families | In Brazil’s soy belt, community seed banks offer hope for the Amazon | Find the manatee: New AI model spots sea cows from images | A highway project in Chile threatens one of the world’s longest-living tree species | UN award for Nepal’s tiger range restoration spurs euphoria amid challenges | Mini rainforest project aims to serve as Kalimantan reforestation blueprint | Postponement of century-old Indian Science Congress sparks controversy | Andes community-led conservation curbs more páramo loss than state-protected area: Study | The new Arctic: Amid record heat, ecosystems morph and wildlife struggle | Land distribution in Colombia, Venezuela and Guyana | Chapter 4 of “A Perfect Storm in the Amazon” | In Colombia, race is on to save 8 rare tree species found nowhere else | HEATED: Challenging objectivity in climate journalism | Indus River dolphins’ survival is our responsibility (commentary) | The creation of settlements in the Ecuadorian Amazon | Chapter 4 of “A Perfect Storm in the Amazon” | Risks to Myanmar’s last saltwater crocs point to coastal conservation needs | Reforestation of Indonesia’s new capital city stumped by haphazard planting | No sea change on marine policy from candidates as Indonesia heads to polls | Palm oil deforestation makes comeback in Indonesia after decade-long slump | Risky development in Uttarakhand: Interview with environmentalist Ravi Chopra | Black rhinos moved to Kenya’s Loisaba Conservancy as species recovers | Landmark report on migratory species underlines threats to Asia’s wildlife | Ecuador government weighs delaying closure of controversial ITT oil block | Rewilding in Argentina helps giant anteaters return to south Brazil | Attack on Pataxó Hãhãhãi Indigenous leaders must be investigated (commentary)