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News | Conservationists welcome new PNG Protected Areas Act — but questions remain | Traceability is no silver bullet for reducing deforestation (commentary) | Bonobos, the ‘hippy apes’, may not be as peaceful as once thought | Between Brazil’s Caatinga & Cerrado, communities profit from native fruits | New technologies to map environmental crime in the Amazon Basin (commentary) | Rainwater reserves a tenuous lifeline for Sumatran community amid punishing dry season | Research links deforestation in Cambodia to stunting in kids, anemia in women | New online tool is first to track funding to Indigenous, local and Afro-descendant communities | A new and improved bird family tree shows rapid post-dinosaur evolution | In Java Sea, vigilantism and poverty rise as purse seine fishing continues | Unseen and unregulated: ‘Ghost’ roads carve up Asia-Pacific tropical forests | Forests in Vietnam’s Central Highlands at risk as development projects take priority | A short walk through Amazon time: Interview with archaeologist Anna Roosevelt | Haunting song pays tribute to Toughie, the frog whose extinction went unnoticed | Brazil’s cattle industry could suffer major losses without climate policies, report says | Tapirs in Brazil’s Cerrado inspire research on human health & pesticides | In highly urbanized Japan, city farmers are key to achieving organic goal | The potential for tracking wildlife health & disease via bioacoustics is great (commentary) | One of Colombia’s largest estuary ecosystems is drying up, communities warn | Maluku bone collector unearths troubling consequence of coastal abrasion | Effective climate activism requires honest conversations about its challenges | As fires ravaged Indonesia in 2023, some positive trends emerged, data show | Analysis of largest elephant surveys ever shows stable population, but disturbing trends | Illegal mining in the Pan Amazon: an ecological disaster for floodplains and local communities | Alis Ramírez: A defender of the Colombian Amazon now living as a refugee in New Zealand | Rewilding program ships eggs around the world to restore Raja Ampat zebra sharks | Costa Rican community struggles to stop an airport ‘destroying our country’ | New FPIC guide designed to help protect Indigenous rights as mineral mining booms | Island-building and overfishing wreak destruction of South China Sea reefs | Putting a value on Indonesia’s marine resources: Interview with Annisya Rosdiana & Heidi Retnoningtyas | A tiger cat gains new species designation, but conservation challenges remain | As a megaport rises in Cameroon, a delicate coastal ecosystem ebbs | World Bank’s IFC under fire over alleged abuses at Liberian plantation it funded | How to ‘stop mining before it starts’: Interview with community organizer Carlos Zorrilla | Spotted softshell turtle release boosts reptile conservation in Vietnam | Delhi gets the attention — but Kolkata’s air pollution is just as dangerous | Mining in the Pan Amazon in pursuit of the world’s most precious metal | Tropical forest loss puts 2030 zero-deforestation target further out of reach | Mato Grosso shelves environmental license application for Amazon dam | Indonesian court jails environmentalist for flagging illegal farms in marine park | ‘The Javan tiger still exists’: DNA find may herald an extinct species’ comeback | What’s really at stake in the Venezuela-Guyana land dispute? (commentary) | Florida growers eye agroecology solution to devastating citrus disease | Brazil’s Cerrado is main beneficiary of 2021 pledge to end deforestation | Jane Goodall at 90: On fame, hope, and empathy | Resort in Philippines’ protected Chocolate Hills sparks uproar, probes | Deep-sea mining’s future still murky as negotiations end on mixed note | Cerrado mammals change their habits to escape humans, study shows | Land tenure lesson from Laos for forest carbon projects (commentary) | Enviva bankruptcy fallout ripples through biomass industry, U.S. and EU