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News | Déjà vu for Indigenous villagers in Brazil as floods leave them homeless again | Amazon to Alps: Swiss gold imports from Brazil tread a legal minefield | As climate change melts Antarctic ice, gentoo penguins venture further south | Bleached reefs still support nutritious fish, study finds | COP27 must deliver climate finance where it is needed most (commentary) | ‘Rural women in Zimbabwe are in constant contact with climate change’: Q&A with Shamiso Mupara | At a plantation in Central Africa, Big Oil tries to go net-zero | We’ve breached Earth’s threshold for chemical pollution, study says | As animals vanish, the plants they spread can’t keep pace with climate change | Pesticides released into Brazil’s Amazon to degrade rainforest and facilitate deforestation | In Africa, temperatures rise, but adaptation lags on West’s funding failure | As Malaysian state resumes log exports, Indigenous advocates warn of fallout | For pharmaceuticals fouling wastewater and wildlife, solutions exist (commentary) | ‘Central African Forests Forever’: Meindert Brouwer’s book looks to solutions | ‘Huge blow’ for tiger conservation as two of the big cats killed in Thailand | Here’s how science is trying to conserve the monarch butterfly’s forests | In Sri Lanka, a wild cat thrives in the unlikely urban jungle of Colombo | In Kathmandu, a struggle for water amid worsening floods | Bare-faced curassows return to Argentina’s Iberá after 50-year absence | Greater Mekong primates struggle to cling on amid persistent threats: Report | In hot water: Ocean warming hits another record high on climate change | By cultivating seaweed, Indigenous communities restore connection to the ocean | A jaguar refuge in Mexico is an ecological island in the midst of threats | Grounded by conflict and COVID, Colombia’s bird tourism struggles to soar | Brazil’s illegal gold rush is fueling corruption, violent crime and deforestation | Total’s oil pipeline gets go-ahead from Ugandan MPs despite secret terms | Ecuador to announce creation of Hermandad Marine Reserve off Galapagos (commentary) | Analysts point to logging and mining to explain Solomon Islands unrest | Indonesian research center for medicinal plants displaces incense harvesters | In untangling a taxonomic web, Sri Lankan researchers describe seven new jumping spiders | On agrobiodiversity, the Andes can teach the world much about crop conservation (commentary) | Podcast: With the passing of two icons, who will lead the conservation movement? | Oil production or carbon neutrality? Why not both, Guyana says | As Indonesia retakes land from developers, conservation is an afterthought | Guinea-Bissau turtle hatchery addresses unusual problem of too many eggs | Wild cat trade: Why the cheetah is not safe just yet (commentary) | As its end looms, Cerrado tracker records 6-year deforestation high | In Panama, a tiny rainfrog named after Greta Thunberg endures | Coastal deforestation fuels more frequent storms in West Africa, study warns | Despite sanctions, U.S. companies still importing Myanmar teak, report says | The thick of it: Delving into the neglected global impacts of human waste | Indonesia’s clean energy transition must start with clean rivers (commentary) | Foreign capital, blamed for depleting Indonesia’s fish stocks, is set to return | Philippine groups slam ‘cruel Christmas gift’ as open-pit mining ban is lifted | ‘I feel obligated to protect them’: A lifelong love affair with Guinea-Bissau’s turtles | In Bolivia, Indigenous groups fear the worst from dam project on Beni River | Colombia’s new anti-deforestation law provokes concern for small-scale farmers | Community project helps Kenya aim for climate goals one mangrove tree at a time | Wild release marks return of giant forest tortoises to Bangladesh hills | New atlas illuminates impact of artificial light in the ocean at night