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News | Community tropical forest management linked to social & environmental benefits: Study | Japanese butterfly conservation takes flight when integrated with human communities | NGOs at COP28 demand Vietnam free climate advocates before it gets energy funding | Reef damage from 2024 Olympics surfing venue is avoidable (commentary) | Amazon deforestation declines but fossil fuels remain contentious, COP28 shows | Safety of Peru’s land defenders in question after killing of Indigenous leader in the Amazon | Indigenous groups rebuke court OK for palm oil company to raze Papua forests | Thailand tries nature-based water management to adapt to climate change | Chinese gold miners ‘illegally’ tearing up Cambodian wildlife sanctuary | Nickel mine threatens Philippines biodiversity hotspot on Sibuyan Island (analysis) | A Brazilian NGO restores widely degraded Atlantic Forest amid mining threats | Prolonged drought brings unprecedented changes to Amazonian communities in Pará | Coca in the Amazon – The anti-development crop | With Indonesia’s new fishing policy starting soon, fishers still mostly unaware | Least-studied areas of Brazilian Amazon at high risk from climate change | Amazonian expedition searches out rare ‘fish from the clouds’ | How creative & emotive communication conserved 55,000 acres of Peru’s Amazon | Traditional healers push for recognition and licensing of age-old Himalayan practice | Local and national food crops in the Andean Amazon | Certificate of origin for Acre’s açaí is a boost for the Amazonian superfood | Peru’s crackdown on illegal gold mining a success, but only briefly, study shows | Robotic insect reveals evolutionary secrets of the fastest flapping fliers | Indonesia pushes carbon-intensive ‘false solutions’ in its energy transition | Any fossil fuel phase-out deal at COP28 must include global shipping (commentary) | Despite progress, small share of climate pledge went to Indigenous groups: report | Brazil cattle traceability program to limit deforestation in Pará state | New volcano toad from Mount Kenya reveals an ancient lineage | Nearly half of the world’s flowering plants face the threat of extinction, study says | What Brazil should have said at COP28 but didn’t (commentary) | Biden can tip the (pangolin) scales on China’s illegal wildlife trade (commentary) | Brazil proposes $250 billion “Tropical Forests Forever” fund for rainforests | Red flags but no repercussions for ‘certified’ Malaysian logger Samling: Report | Lombok sand mine corruption probe continues as Indonesia to resume exports | New guidebook draws on real-world experiences for running private nature reserves | Ancient Amazon earthwork findings spotlight Indigenous land struggles today | Indigenous land rights are key to conservation in Cambodia (commentary) | Sieged by mining and megaprojects, the Munduruku push for land rights in the Amazon | Germany signals boost in support for Brazil through Amazon Fund | Poverty and plantations: Nigerian reserve struggles against the odds | As RSPO celebrates 20 years of work, Indigenous groups lament unresolved grievances | The man who made a pact with wild bees in Colombia’s Amazon | Logging, road construction continue to fuel forest loss in Papua New Guinea | Scientists unearth secrets of the world’s smallest porcupine species | At COP28 & beyond, fair carbon markets must be part of the climate finance solution (commentary) | Palestinian olive farmers hold tight to their roots amid surge in settler attacks | No safe space for Nepal’s sloth bears outside protected areas, study finds | Guatemala braces for unprecedented year of deforestation in Maya reserve | In Chile’s far south, scientists record an island’s quickly shifting ecology | Ecologists help migratory birds adapt to climate change | No animals harmed as wildlife specimen collection goes digital in 3D