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News | The cat is back: Wild Amur tigers rebound in China, thanks to govt policies | Indigenous Land in the Brazilian Amazon is a brake on deforestation and may start generating carbon credits | Small cats should be a conservation priority, says Panthera’s new board chair Jonathan Ayers | Extinction of Indigenous languages leads to loss of exclusive knowledge about medicinal plants | What the Mauritius kestrel can teach us about wildlife reintroductions | Sea turtles: Can these great marine migrators navigate rising human threats? | Domestic bushmeat consumption an “urgent” threat to migratory mammals, U.N. says | ‘Conservation should be seen as what communities have always done’, says John Kamanga | 11 Mongabay investigations in two years. Here’s what we found | Researchers express alarm as Arctic multiyear sea ice hits record low | With coral cover halved, curbing climate change is only way to slow the loss | Faroe Islands to evaluate traditional hunt after slaughter of 1,400 dolphins | For sustainable global fisheries, watchdogs focus on onshore beneficial owners | Railroad and mine projects stir up anxiety in rural Brazil communities | Scientists look to chimps’ past to gauge their future under climate change | For Indonesian MPs, Indigenous rights may be bad for business, report says | The secret lives of common hippos | Candid Animal Cam | The Pantanal is burning again. Will it be another devastating year? | An environmental ‘catastrophe’ in Southern Africa lingers with few answers | Jakarta court finds president, governor liable for city’s air pollution woes | Creation of three new northern white rhinos embryos may indicate hope for other rhino species | African Parks secures $100M for conservation in Africa | Illegal logging reaches Amazon’s untouched core, ‘terrifying’ research shows | Podcast: Are tuna doing as well as latest extinction risk assessments suggest? It’s complicated | Mycoremediation brings the fungi to waste disposal and ecosystem restoration | Leveraging Nature-based Solutions for transformation: Reconnecting people and nature (commentary) | Saving sea turtles in the ‘Anthropause’: Successes and challenges on the beach | Pepé Le New: Meet the acrobatic spotted skunks of North America | Fashions to die for: The fur trade’s role in spreading zoonotic disease | COP15 comment: Overlooked rice landscapes can boost biodiversity in Asia (commentary) | Study fails to find link between increased deforestation and COVID lockdowns | When COVID shut Broadway, award-winning actress Jane Alexander went birding | Oil palms alone can be damaging; with other crops, the benefits abound | Win for Malaysian forest after government backs down on development plan | Marine experts flag new Peru marine reserve that allows industrial fishing | Seaweed farming offers a boost for Sri Lanka’s ‘blue economy’ ambitions | Lockdowns didn’t stop 2020 being deadliest year yet for earth defenders | OECM concept may bring more inclusive approach to conserving biodiversity | Workshop empowers Brazil’s Xakriabá people to publish their own books | Project works with farmers to restore Brazilian pine forests | Myanmar’s snowcapped north is a haven for large mammals, new study finds | Worked to death: How a Chinese tuna juggernaut crushed its Indonesian workers | Deforestation sweeps national park in Brazil as land speculators advance | ‘On the map’: App shines light on 5,000 ‘invisible’ families in Brazil’s Cerrado and beyond | After surge, Amazon deforestation slows for second straight month | Should tree plantations count toward reforestation goals? It’s complicated | Indonesia terminates agreement with Norway on $1b REDD+ scheme | As tourists flood a Tanzanian park, the Maasai say they’re being pushed out | Indonesia lays out plan to rescue 15 lakes under pressure from human activity | Africa’s montane forests are more carbon-dense than even the Amazon