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News | Elephants promote jumbo trees, boosting the carbon stores in Africa’s forests | Liberian courts rubber-stamp export shipment of illegal logs | The dark side of light: Coastal urban lighting threatens marine life, study shows | With climate change, Nepal’s leopards get a bigger range — and more problems | U.S. mature forests are critical carbon repositories, but at risk: Study | In wake of ‘natural’ disasters, not reducing biodiversity loss is a big missed opportunity (commentary) | Indigenous Kawésqar take on salmon farms in Chile’s southernmost fjords | Sri Lanka seeks lasting solution as human-elephant conflict takes record toll | Illegal road found in Yanomami land accelerates destruction | Indigenous communities in Latin America decry the Mennonites’ expanding land occupation | Banned but abundant, gillnets pose main threat to Bangladesh’s river dolphins | To restore large carnivore populations, make people wealthier, study finds | U.S. refuses calls for immediate protection of North Atlantic right whales | Re-carbonizing the sea: Scientists to start testing a big ocean carbon idea | Logging threats loom over tree kangaroo refuge in Papua New Guinea | Yanomami health disaster prompts outrage as Lula vows to tackle crisis | Plastic works its way up the food chain to hit fishing cats, study shows | Even in recovery, previously logged tropical forests are carbon sources: Study | The EU banned Russian wood pellet imports; South Korea took them all | Chile’s denial of Dominga port project is a just energy transition victory and lesson (commentary) | Tense neighbors: Chinese quarry in Cameroon takes a toll on locals | Study identifies priority forests in Oregon for max conservation benefit | Podcast: Botanists are disappearing at a critical time | Sonia Guajajara: Turnaround from jail threats to Minister of Indigenous Peoples | FOIA lawsuit suggests Indonesian nickel miners lack environmental licenses | From Japan to Brazil: Reforesting the Amazon with the Miyawaki method | Proximity to humans both boon and bane for Egyptian vultures in Nepal’s Pokhara | As sea lice feast away on dwindling salmon, First Nations decide the fate of salmon farms | For Tanzania’s traditional beekeepers, modern hives just don’t buzz | Rare case of rhino poaching jolts conservation community in Nepal | ‘We lost the biggest ally’: Nelly Marubo on her friend Bruno Pereira’s legacy | Updated red list raises red flags for Sri Lanka’s birds, especially endemics | ‘Your tiger killed my cattle’: As big cats thrive in Bhutan, farmers struggle | Colombia’s ‘tree of life’ births a new culinary and conservation movement | EU demand for frogs’ legs raises risks of local extinctions, experts warn | Study aims to unmask fishing vessels, and owners, obscured by loopholes | Ecotourism and education: Win-win solution for Pantanal jaguars and ranchers | Murders of 2 Pataxó leaders prompt Ministry of Indigenous Peoples to launch crisis office | Venezuela’s oil spill crisis reached new heights in 2022: report | Invasive rats topple ecological domino that affects reef fish behavior | Violence in Brazil’s Amazon are also crimes against humanity, lawyers tell international court | ‘One of our greatest climate solutions’: Q&A with the U.S. National Agroforestry Center’s new director | Indigenous people protect some of the Amazon’s last carbon sinks: Report | Reciprocal Water Agreements protect millions of hectares of Bolivian forest | Understanding reptile intelligence can aid conservation and safeguard ecosystems (commentary) | For threatened seabirds of NE Atlantic, climate change piles on the pressure | Biodiversity, human rights safeguards crucial to nature-based solutions: Critics | Bird strike warnings resurface amid probe into deadly Nepal plane crash | Humanitarian experts report ‘cascading crises’ as climate, health emergencies soar | Australian niobium mining project instills 16 years of anxiety for Malawi communities