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News | In Brazil’s Ribeira Valley, traditional communities combine farming and conservation | New estimate of less than 50 Sumatran rhinos shows perilous population drop | Lesser adjutant stork study in Nepal raises conservationists’ hopes | New cave bat species in Sri Lanka highlights need for more research | The Fixers: Top U.S. flooring retailers linked to Brazilian firm probed for corruption | Experts decry ‘funny math’ of plastics industry’s ‘advanced recycling’ claims | In Belize, a proposed limestone mine threatens conservation legacy (commentary) | Haiti: An island nation whose environmental troubles only begin with water | In Brazil’s Mato Grosso state, deforesters foot the bill for political campaigns | Documenting Nepal’s plant-based medical tradition: Q&A with Ram Prasad Chaudhary | Harpy eagle’s return to Costa Rica means rewilding’s time has come (commentary) | Greenland’s Indigenous population favors extracting sand from melting ice sheet | With rights at risk, Indigenous Brazilians get on the ballot to fight back | Africa wants its climate money. Will rich countries pay? | Indonesia’s sustainable fisheries push sails into storm in Java Sea | In the Amazon, Bolsonaro’s far right may retain power even if Lula wins | Reducing beef’s carbon footprint is key to achieving net-zero in Latin America and the Caribbean, new paper shows | Bangladeshi industries explore renewables as power crisis looms | Java fishers struggle with seine net ban amid rising costs, falling profits | Indigenous leader’s court win halts one of Australia’s ‘dirtiest gas projects’ | Guatemalans strongly reject mining project in local referendum | 2022: Another consequential year for the melting Arctic | The mystery of narwhal behavior, solved by chaos theory | Palm oil firms not acting fast enough on no-deforestation vows: Report | Examining cooperation in nature: Q&A with author Kristin Ohlson | Debunking the colonial myth of the ‘African Eden’: Q&A with author Guillaume Blanc | Nepal’s mugger crocs face ‘senseless’ turf war over dwindling fish resources | Faced with grouper, snapper decline, Indonesia adopts harvest strategy | Humans are dosing Earth’s waterways with medicines. It isn’t healthy. | A millennial advocate pushes for a youth-led digital future for Indonesian fisheries | Pandemic dip was just a blip as global emissions rebound, report shows | Mongabay founder wins prestigious 2022 Heinz Award for the Environment | Road network spreads ‘arteries of destruction’ across 41% of Brazilian Amazon | Emissions and deforestation set to spike under Indonesia’s biomass transition | Agulhas Current enigma: An oceanic gap in our climate understanding | Indonesia to update conservation efforts for aquarium favorite cardinalfish | Activists welcome decision to revoke permit for controversial Philippine gold mine | Trafficked: Kidnapped chimps, jailed rhino horn traffickers, and seized donkey parts | U.S. charts course for adopting ropeless fishing to reduce whale deaths | New oil refinery ‘a huge disaster’ for Nigerian forest reserve | Podcast: Could Brazil’s election decide the fate of the Amazon? | Lebanese research preserves heat-adapted seeds to feed a warming world | Sri Lankan study identifies new jellyfish, sparking interest in the species | How close is the Amazon tipping point? Forest loss in the east changes the equation | Why is there no Planet B? (commentary) | Fires in the world’s largest wetland turns Brazilian farmers into firefighters | Cleaning up our own backyard: Racism, speciesism and the environmental crises (commentary) | Fish return to Southern Brazil after trawling ban | Europe moves to protect deep-sea sites in Atlantic from bottom fishing | New tech aims to track carbon in every tree, boost carbon market integrity