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News | Bangladesh struggles to protect the last of its last wild elephants | Podcast: Blockchain for conservation? Maybe, but leave the crypto out | Saving Sumatran elephants starts with counting them. Indonesia won’t say how many are left | Lack of timely rains, fertilizer hits rice farmers in Nepal’s granary | ‘Sherpas’ real stories are seldom written’: Q&A with authors Ankit Babu Adhikari & Pradeep Bashyal | Study warns of increased poaching if road through Brazil’s Iguaçu is reopened | ‘Spiderwebs’ to the rescue for Indonesia’s coral reefs | Amid haggling over deep-sea mining rules, chorus of skepticism grows louder | Jumbo task as Malawi moves 263 elephants to restock a degraded national park | Hundreds of iconic Barbary macaques feared dead in Morocco forest fire | In Indonesia’s forest fire capital, the dry season brings yet more burning | Billions rely on wild species for food, energy and more: IPBES report | We’ve crossed the land use change planetary boundary, but solutions await | Mongabay’s What-To-Watch list for August 2022 | For Brazil’s Indigenous people, slavery born of colonization still hasn’t ended | Big banks fund the heavy machinery used for Amazon deforestation, report says | ‘It sustains us all’: IPBES report calls for accounting of nature’s diverse values | Farmer-to-farmer agroecology: Q&A with Chukki Nanjundaswamy of Amrita Bhoomi Learning Centre | Sea life may downsize with ocean warming — bringing challenging impacts | Water-stressed Bangladesh looks to recharge its fast-depleting aquifers | Indigenous activists in Borneo claim win as logging firm removes equipment from disputed area | In Japanese waters, a newly described anemone lives on the back of a hermit crab | Violence persists in Amazon region where Pereira and Phillips were killed | ‘Scale mismatch’ in conservation: Why aren’t we talking about it? (commentary) | ‘We’ve got to help the oceans to help us’: Q&A with deep-sea explorer Dawn Wright | Building Indonesia’s ‘green’ new capital could see coal use surge (analysis) | Elevated homesteads give hope to flood-hit communities in Bangladesh | As roads and railways threaten primates, Brazil is a global hotspot | A utopia of clean air and wet peat amid Sumatra’s forest fire ‘hell’ | Delectable but destructive: Tracing chocolate’s environmental life cycle | In world first, Chile to ban single-use food and beverage products over three years | Organized crime drives violence and deforestation in the Amazon, study shows | No permit? No problem for palm oil company still clearing forest in Papua | Mozambique busts notorious rhino poacher | From agribusiness to oil to nuclear power and submarines: welcome to anti-environmental Putin-Bolsonaro alliance (commentary) | Young Indigenous leaders demand greater say in climate solutions at global youth strike | A clean and healthy environment is a human right, U.N. resolution declares | Kigali call to action a step forward but not far enough, Indigenous and local community leaders say | Nepal was supposed to double its tiger population since 2010. It tripled it | Brazilian miners ramp up their invasion of Yanomami land in Venezuela | For World Tiger Day, bold new commitments are needed to expand tiger ranges (commentary) | Deforestation intensifies in northern Malaysia’s most important water catchment | Indigenous Shuar community in Ecuador wins decades-long battle to protect land | Chimps digging wells shows learned behavior that may help amid climate change | In Congo, a carbon sink like no other risks being carved up for oil | Rains quell fire risk around Cambodia’s Tonle Sap, but the future looks fiery | Giant kangaroo fossil points to previously unknown species in New Guinea | For residents of Jakarta’s port district, coal is the neighbor no one wants | Nigerian refugees in Cameroon turn biomass into charcoal to spare trees | Did Wall Street play a role in this year’s wheat price crisis?