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News | WTO ban on ‘harmful’ subsidies won’t impact small-scale fishers, Indonesia says | African court rules in favor of Indigenous land titles, reparations from the Kenyan government | Experts fear end of vaquitas after green light for export of captive-bred totoaba fish | Podcast: How marine conservation benefits from combining Indigenous knowledge and Western science | As Nepal’s tigers thrive, Indigenous knowledge may be key in preventing attacks | Planned coal plants fizzle as Japan ends financing in Indonesia, Bangladesh | Cameroon’s Nigerian refugees who degraded their camp are now vanguards of reforestation | Mongabay’s new-look makes finding the right tree-planting project easier | Mennonite colony builds bridge, clears forest in Bolivian protected areas | Swiss pledge to stop illegal gold imports from Brazil Indigenous reserves | Twenty years since a massive ivory seizure, what lessons were learned? (commentary) | In Brazil, an Indigenous land defender’s unsolved killing is the deadly norm | Home away from home: Researchers trial artificial nests for Lilian’s lovebirds | We’re winning with climate activism, ‘just not fast enough,’ says Goldman Prize winner Julien Vincent (commentary) | Pumpkin toadlets can’t jump: The frog that gave up balance for size | Building a farmer-friendly future: Q&A with CROWDE’s Yohanes Sugihtonugroho | Study: Marine governance in Indonesia pursues exploitation over sustainability | For Brazil communities along a mining railway, impacts outweigh any benefits | Indonesian palm oil audit a chance to clean up ‘very dirty’ industry | Dig, dump, repeat, then watch the forest grow: Q&A with mangrove restorer Keila Vazquez | Study shines light, and raises alarm, over online trade of West African birds | Book Review: ‘Slaves for Peanuts’ gets to the troubling roots of a beloved snack | Climate change puts Bangladeshi farmers’ reliance on rice varieties to the test | To win island-wide conservation, Indonesia’s Talaud bear cuscus needs to win hearts | In Costa Rica, unlicensed fishers and regulators unite over a common enemy | Kenyan hunter-gatherers forced to farm now face increased evictions from their forest | Nickel, Tesla and two decades of environmental activism: Q&A with leader Raphaël Mapou | All eyes on Tesla as it invests in a troubled nickel mine | Winter sanctuary in Nepal proves a killing field for yellow-breasted buntings | Helping empower the next generation of environmental journalists at Nature’s frontline | Mining company destroys Indigenous cemetery during expansion in Honduras | Beyond boundaries: Earth’s water cycle is being bent to breaking point | EU’s anti-deforestation bill leaves out critical ecosystems, study shows | In São Paulo, Indigenous Guarani unite over their reclaimed farming tradition | Giant stingray caught in Cambodia is world’s largest freshwater fish | A tale of successes and new challenges in Senegal: Q&A with ICCA coordinator Salatou Sambou | Indonesia’s Sangihe islanders score legal victory over mining company | First gharial hatchlings spotted in nearly two decades in Nepal’s Karnali River | Smart Parks, the Dutch technologists tackling poaching with technology | ‘The return of land to Indigenous people is key’: Q&A with Shinnecock Kelp Farm’s Tela Troge | Miners, drug traffickers and loggers: Is Costa Rica’s Corcovado National Park on the verge of collapse? | WTO finally nets deal curbing fisheries subsidies, but tables key bits for later | How unsustainable is Sweden’s forestry? Very. Q&A with Marcus Westberg and Staffan Widstrand | Consumer countries mull best approach to end deforestation abroad | Indigenous knowledge settles question of a Bornean tree species: Study | The war on journalists and environmental defenders in the Amazon continues (commentary) | Scotland changes course to save its last native wildcats | With sea ice melting, glacial ice could be a lifeline for polar bears | Deaths of Phillips and Pereira shine light on a region of the Amazon beset by violence | For Ecuador’s A’i Cofán leaders, Goldman Prize validates Indigenous struggle