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News | Under assault at home, Indigenous leaders get a violent welcome in Brasília | Not all rescued animals should be released back to the wild (commentary) | Demand for soy puts pressure on Pantanal, Brazil’s largest wild wetland | Rights groups demand end to Cambodia’s persecution of green activists | Earth tipping points could destabilize each other in domino effect: Study | Amazon dams: No clean water, fish dying, then the pandemic came | Lear’s macaws threatened by planned wind farm in Brazil, experts warn | Do we love elephants enough to let them live free? (commentary) | In Brazil’s most Indigenous city, prejudice and diversity go hand in hand | Farmers in the Amazon could earn 9 times more and prevent ecosystem collapse | New survey nearly doubles Grauer’s gorilla population, but threats remain | $10 million XPRIZE Rainforest contest announces 33 qualifying teams | Cleaning up Cambodia’s kitchens could curb deforestation, climate change | When it comes to carbon capture, tree invasions can do more harm than good | China’s efforts to accommodate ‘wandering elephants’ is overshadowed by its conflict with elephants elsewhere (commentary) | In Scotland, the rewilding movement looks to the past to plan its future | In fight against wildlife trafficking, Brazil police turn to nuclear science | Researchers look to locals to fill knowledge gap on Philippine tarsier | Brazil’s Belo Monte Dam: Struggle for the Volta Grande enters a new phase (Commentary) | Sri Lankans find a digital helping hand for baby birds fallen from nests | Slick caught on satellite image around sunken ship not fuel oil, Sri Lanka says | It’s Juneteenth, but these American companies are still profiting from slavery (commentary) | Deforestation spikes in Virunga National Park, DRC | With Indigenous rights at stake in Brasília, a territory is attacked in Paraty | Myanmar junta’s growing reliance on extractives for cash raises concerns | From common to captive, Javan pied starlings succumb to songbird trade | Rush to turn ‘black diamonds’ into cash eats up Uganda’s forests, fruits | Bigger is badder when it comes to climate impact of farms in the Amazon | Never too late to save Earth: Q&A with Leuser forest guardian Rudi Putra | Will Nevada support renewable energy vs biodiversity & Indigenous rights? (commentary) | Environmental benefits or social — but rarely both — under RSPO, study finds | Tanzania’s “Ivory Queen” denied release after appeal | Poaching declines in Tanzania following prosecution of ivory trafficking ringleaders | Land dispute turns violent as Sumatran Indigenous groups clash with pulpwood firm | Malaysian council opens hearing into claims of timber certification flaws | ‘Watered-down’ plan to save India Ocean yellowfin tuna disappoints conservationists | Podcast: It’s an ‘incredibly exciting’ time for the field of bioacoustics | Sri Lanka braces for fallout of sunken cargo ship’s toxic payload | Coal phase-out plan gets pushback in power-hungry Indonesia | Singapore launches new carbon marketplace for nature conservancy projects | Tin mines close in on an Indonesian hamlet still clinging to nature | Two new Javan rhino calves spotted in the species’ last holdout | Banks increased deforestation-linked investments by $8B during Covid-19: report | New ecolabel will certify ‘Whale-Safe’ shipping companies and cruise lines | Can the Japanese seafood industry reconcile their finances with nature? | Forest advocates press EU leader to rethink views on biomass and energy | Climate change isn’t fueling algal blooms the way we think, study shows | Marbled cat: Candid Animal Cam meets the mini clouded leopard | Illegal logging in Philippines’ Palawan stokes fears of a mining resurgence | Meet the 2021 Goldman Environmental Prize Winners