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News | In first for Indonesia, government recognizes Indigenous Papuans’ ancestral forests | To be effective, zero-deforestation pledges need a critical mass, study shows | Indigenous youths lured by the illegal mines destroying their Amazon homeland | A Philippine resin trade proves sustainable for forests, but not tappers | Biodiversity credit market must learn from carbon offset mistakes (commentary) | Dhaka’s ailing sewage system threatens human and environmental health | Peru is tackling water scarcity with nature-based solutions, leading the way in Latin America | Environmental peacebuilding must pay more attention to armed groups (commentary) | About 72% of gold miners poisoned with mercury at artisanal mining sites in Cameroon | Report calls on palm oil firms to make up for nearly 1m hectares of forest loss | Bird declines boost case for transformative biodiversity agreement in Montreal | In Bangladesh, popular eggplant comes with a side of lead. And cadmium | New standard brings best practices to bear in Nepal’s red panda conservation | In South Africa, a community says no after a coal miner said go | ‘I have anger every day’: South African villagers on the mine in their midst | What can Half or Whole Earth conservation strategies do for orangutans? | Fishers in Flores Sea opt to limit harvest of overexploited sea cucumbers | Indonesia’s Supreme Court rules President Widodo not liable in 2015 fires | Forest management tool could help rein in rampant wildlife trade in Bangladesh | In Nepal, officials defend detusking to reduce human-elephant conflict | Sri Lanka university aims to be the country’s first to go carbon neutral | As shark numbers plummet, nations seek ban on devastatingly effective gear | New protections for sharks, songbirds, frogs and more at CITES trade summit | Words that didn’t make the cut: What happened to Indigenous rights at COP27 | Indonesia’s orangutans declining amid ‘lax’ and ‘laissez-faire’ law enforcement | Indigenous cooperative restores forests to form ecological corridor in Bahia | In Brazilian Amazon, mining harm comes from beyond just the mines, study shows | U.N. report calls for the ban of mercury trade and its use in gold mining | Mountain gorilla reproduction slows with female transfers, study shows | New app transforms data gathering for wildlife in Papua New Guinea | Despite pledges, obstacles stifle community climate and conservation funding | Conservationists play matchmaker to boost Argentina’s jaguar gene pool | Hunting takes its toll on Himalaya’s blue sheep, favored prey of snow leopards | Probe finds Vietnam faltering in bid to curb wildlife trade, animal suffering | Illegal bottom trawling widespread inside Mediterranean marine protected areas | COP27 boosts carbon trading and ‘non-market’ conservation: But can they save forests? | Indonesia to build coal plants despite $20b deal on clean energy transition | 2022 Amazon fires tightly tied to recent deforestation, new data show | Report offers a road map to restore the rule of law in the Brazilian Amazon | Indigenous community in Peru losing forests to timber, drug, land trafficking | ‘We go in and take Indigenous lands back from cattle ranchers’: Q&A with activist Pablo Sibar | Will shipping noise nudge Africa’s only penguin toward extinction? | In PNG, researchers find a large pigeon lost to science for 140 years | In Nepal, a turtle that rose from the dead makes another grand entrance | Tunnel collapse at dam project in orangutan habitat claims yet another life | If there’s an elephant in the room, that’s because it’s not in a protected area | A new tool to peer into fishing networks: Q&A with Austin Brush of C4ADS | COP27 long on pledges, short on funds for forests — Congo Basin at risk | Video: Wildlife crossings built with tribal knowledge drastically reduce collisions | Ahead of polls, Nepal’s political parties, voters take heed of climate impacts